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相宜本草 本草医女/四倍蚕丝

2018年/天猫京东618 1.如何同品类中竞争力更强,销量更好 2.如何解决品牌老化问题 3.为品牌及产品溢价提供解决的方向 开发IP——女神医作为最终解决方案

T-Mall / JD.COM 6.18Campaign /2018 Objective How to be more competitive in the same category and finally create better sales How to solve the problem of brand aging when the society is getting younger Provide solutions for brand and product are at thepremium Solution Create IP -- female divine doctor Arrange a series of online and offline promotion programs centering on IP Thus reach education consumer and drive consumer enter EC platform to complete the purchase as final solution