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思考的是当下泛娱乐化背后的社会化问题 作品系列原意反应网络社会及泛娱乐对人本的影响。长腿猪意为愚钝, 留白的造型以是匹双眼模糊的独角兽,意为“慧”“灵性”“自由”已被遮蔽和遗忘。 过度的泛娱乐社会风气影响下,人不再勤于思考,变得愚钝, 背负着——“痴”的欲望,忘却了“慧”的本能, 享乐是生物的本能、思考是为人的本能,若不再思考就与动物无差异。

poeple are no longer thinking and became dull with "crazy" desire,forgetting the "wisdom" of instinct. As pleasure is the biological instinct,while thinking is a human instinct. Therefore, when poeple are no longer thinking,we have no difference with animals.The three paintings describe excessive pan-entertainment,fan-based idols, and some cewebrities respectively. the drooping tail and the human face represent the lost and pathosis of the whole society and people influenced by excessive pan-entertainment. The three paintings are also targeted at variety show, social media star and some Internet celebrity.