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作为nike social retainer pitch中brief提到发现并解决现在nike wechat中的问题 我们发现了微信当中的混乱排版存在的混乱及不统一的问题。但基于nike的官方公众号背后极为复杂, Nike running/women/kids/basketball根据文章内容的不同,都会有相对应的guideline。 不仅如此nike的SB dunk/kyrie 1-4/AF1/vapormax等不同鞋款也有相对应的guideline, 还有每次company也都会有相对应的guideline,例如:上海001 landship开业,双11活动。这些都是无法更改的,这样情况供给的选择性就非常低, 只能去规范在这些guideline中触及不到的内容。最终在赢得pitch后也得以实施。

As nike social retainer pitch Brief mentioned to find and solve the problem in nike wechat now We found confusion and inconsistency in the chaotic typography in wechat. But the official public number based on nike is extremely complicated. Nike running/women/kids/basketball varies according to the content of the article. There will be a corresponding guideline. Not only nike's SB dunk/kyrie 1-4/AF1/vapormax and other different shoes There is also a corresponding guideline, And each time the company also has a corresponding guideline, for example: Shanghai 001 Landship opened, double 11 activities. These are all unchangeable, The selectivity of supply in this case is very low. You can only regulate what you can't reach in these guides. It was finally implemented after winning the pitch.

包含8个括号、3个书名号、8种纯文字、2个emoji。 圆形作为解决方案即简单独特,又区别于常用符号。 It contains 8 parentheses, 3 titles, 8 plain texts, and 2 emojis. Circular as a solution is simple and unique, but also different from the common symbol.

我们把推文分割归类后,分为2部分, 一种是潮流运动及文化类为粗线, 一种是功能实践为细线,内容不同,使用2种不同的分割符。 We divide tweets into two parts, one is the trend movement and culture as the thick line, the other is the function practice as the thin line, different content, use two different segmentation characters.

在使用最多的三角形基础上,设计了更尖锐的三角形对应nike的品牌性。 依然可根据内容不同变化而变化。 On the basis of the most used triangle, a more sharp triangle is designed to correspond to the brand of Nike. Still can change according to content different and change.

加粗、变大标题,并调整nike风格的行距,增加品牌性。 整个GUIDELINE设计通过该做减法、克制使用元素,达到KEEP IT SIMPLE,NOT STUPID的效果 Bold, larger title, and adjust Nike style line spacing to increase brand identity. Just KEEP IT SIMPLE and NOT STUPID! J: well, let's just do the same thing