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“物以喜“是一个新式糕点品牌,这次中秋月饼,我们用中国传统民俗故事“猴子捞月”来表达对美好事物的向往,传统民俗故事中猴子是倒吊在树枝上在水中拾月, 但“新猴子捞月”以猴子是通过传统的祈舞、祭祀等行为来表达对美好的追求。用扁平的形象记录祭祀、祷告、祈舞多出现于西方的古文明壁画中。 而扁平且简单的造型与色彩,没有多余的装饰元素,又多出现于东方艺术表达中。将两者融合,恰巧构成了包装插图独特的识别性。

WYX is a contemporary Chinese pastry brand.The mooncake packaging design for this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival, we referenced the traditional Chinese folk tale “Monkeys fetching the moon” to express the yearning for good things in life. In the conventional version, the monkeys would dangle on the tree upside down, reach down to the well then try to fetch the moon’s reflection in the water, however in our renewed interpretation, the desire of pursuing good things is portrayed by ceremonial dance, worship and other ritualistic acts. The use of flat images to document such sacred formalities often appears in the ancient murals of Western civilizations, yet in Oriental art genre, flat and simple shapes and colors, without superfluous decorative elements mostly appeared as well. The combination of the two coincidentally constitutes the unique recognition of the packaging illustration.