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Less trouble for the earth

朝日唯品——少给地球添点麻烦 概念及主视觉

朝日唯品在上海安福路联合多个商家举办了#少给地球添点麻烦#的活动, 视觉设计中将”少“的概念提取出来并符号化,视觉设计中保留大量的留白,将图片裁切为”-“,这样能精准表达”少“等于”—“。其中邀请函与水杯的设计我们采用了的咖啡渣。

ZRWP and several merchants held the event #Less Trouble to the Earth on Anfu Road, Shanghai. The concept of "less" was extracted and symbolized in the visual design. Cut to "-", which can accurately express "less" equal to "-". Among them, we used coffee grounds for the design of the invitation letter and water cup.