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incl是家创意先行的广告代理机构,incl意为including,创意强调无限的可能性。 委托方在要求标志的设计突出创意本身,并希望外形简洁且容易识别。 让人更容易记住。经过沟通,我们将已知的符号——省略号作为公司的标志, 省略号包含已知与未知两个概念,碰撞出创意的可能性。将已知的概念并赋予新的意义, 这让标志可能出现在生活中的任何角落,传递出创意拥有无限可能性的价值所在。

incl is an advertising agency. incl means includes, in which the creativity emphasis on tolerance to nurture infinite possibilities. The client requests to highlight the creativity itself in the logo design and hopes that the shape is not merely concise. It's easier for a human to remember. We adopt the existed symbol—— as the symbol of the group through communication. The symbol of ellipsis contains two concepts, that is, known and unknown. "Known" and "unknown" are opposite each other ,They can create many possibilities of creativity. Putting a new meaning to known ideas. conveying the value of infinite possibilities for creativity.