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平湖市是浙江省著名的樱花风景区,幼儿园将樱花作为校花,所以我们就用樱花作为幼儿园的标志,并且我们让logo活了起来,让无聊的图形对孩子们来说更加生动. 樱花最有意思的结构就是花瓣中间有缺口,我们把这一特征转变为视觉设计中独特的识别符号。基于识别符号,让标志、周边、延展汉字、数字、吉祥物、 导视系统形成了高度的完整性和统一性,并将“小孩子喜欢贴东西”的行为语言融入了平面设计中,

Pinghu Economic Development Zone Kindergarten is the second largest kindergarten in Zhejiang Province, China, with a capacity of nearly 3,500 students and faculties. Pinghu is a famous cherry blossom scenic area in Zhejiang Province and the kindergarten uses the cherry blossom as its school flower, so we used the cherry blossom as the kindergarten logo and we made the logo come alive, making boring graphics more vivid for kids. The most interesting structure of the cherry blossom is the gap in the middle of the petals, and we transformed this feature into a unique identification symbol in the visual design. Based on the identity symbol, the logo, the surrounding area, the extended Chinese characters, the numbers, and the signage system form a high degree of integrity and unity, and incorporate the behavioural language of 'children like to stick things up' into the graphic design.