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Alibaba Health and BCAF Mask and Packaging Design


受北京艺术基金会邀请与阿里健康开展了一次公益设计项目,将大南坡艺术中心孩子们的作品搬上了市场中, 每份售卖都有相当一部分作为孩子们的助学金,我以“我们各有所长”为主题的5款艺术家联名公益口罩由北京当代艺术基金会、 阿里健康大药房、阿里健康公益、振德医疗联合出品。 公益口罩销售所得收益10%捐赠至北京当代艺术基金会“BCAF困境儿童”系列公益项目、10%捐赠至阿里健康公益团队“小鹿灯儿童重疾救助平台”,包括但不限于儿童医疗健康科普、儿童乡村医生培训、儿童健康故事公益录音活动、儿童先天性疾病救治、乡村儿童美育等等。 这次包装同时也在 阿里的U设计周中展示。

Invited by BCAF to carry out a public welfare design project with Alibaba Health, and put the works of children of Da Nanpo Art Center into the market. A considerable portion of each sale is used as a bursary for the children. My five artist-branded public welfare masks with the theme of "We each have our own strengths" are provided by Beijing Contemporary Art Foundation, Jointly produced by Alibaba Health Pharmacy, Alibaba Health Public Welfare, and ZD Medical. 10% of the proceeds from the sale of public welfare masks will be donated to the Beijing Contemporary Art Foundation's "BCAF Children in Distress" series of public welfare projects, and 10% will be donated to the Ali Health public welfare team "Xiaolu Deng Children's Serious Illness Relief Platform", including but not limited to children's medical and health science, Children's rural doctor training, children's health story public welfare recording activities, children's congenital disease treatment, rural children's aesthetic education, etc. The packaging was also showcased during Alibaba U Design Week.