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阿迪达斯NEO 10月活动 城会玩

阿迪达斯xBliBli————城会玩 经过多家多轮比稿,最终我们以这个idea拿下了 ADIDAS NEO 下半年全年度的digital campaign 这次的活动,客户给到的主题“city escape” 针对GENZ用户群体,并且满足“破圈层”的客户需求,我们将“破圈层”变成“炸圈层” 从受众的insight出发——疫情不方便出门,国庆人满为患。那不如来一次云旅游。 ideal:基于B站的互动剧形式,我们邀请21位不同圈层的头部UP主, 带你领略重庆、杭州、武汉三个城市的风貌,以每个圈层的视角去解读这个城市。

After many rounds of drafting, we finally won ADIDAS NEO’s digital campaign for the second half of the year with this idea. In this event, the client gave the theme "city escape" Aiming at the GENZ user group and satisfying the customer needs of "breaking the ring layer", we have turned the "breaking ring layer" into a "drum ring layer" Starting from the audience's insight-the epidemic is not convenient to go out, and the National Day is full of people. It's better to take a cloud tour. ideal: Based on the interactive drama format of Station B, we invite 21 head UP masters from different circles to take you to appreciate the three cities of Chongqing, Hangzhou and Wuhan, and to interpret this city from the perspective of each circle.(pending upgrade)