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The Lifestyles of 16 Designers

天猫国际 16位设计师16种生活方式 海报设计

在U-Design Week天猫国际推出了第一本快闪杂志《16种设计师16种生活方式》,并受邀成为其中一位。在存在Being的主题下以E-sport为切入点,展开创作。 并以“存在就是失去的过程,学会并适应它。Being is a process of constant lose, Learning to lose.”表述创作的中心思想。

During U-Design Week on Tmall International, the first flash magazine “16 Designers, 16 Lifestyles” was launched, and I was invited to be a part of it. With the theme of “Being,” the creation was centered around e-sports. The central idea of the creation was expressed as “Being is a process of constant losing, learning to lose,” emphasizing the idea that existence is a process of losing and learning to adapt to it.