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Diagram of rare words


生僻字被认为是另一种形式的“数字鸿沟”,全国有超过6000万人在名字中使用了生僻字,地名和古籍文献中也有许多生僻字, 各地方言中包含了众多生僻字……这些数量众多的生僻字,却因为没有被电脑字库收录,在生活场景中无法使用,而被人慢慢遗忘, 也逐渐在文化中无法留存。阿里巴巴普惠体在2023年推出生僻字字库,包含8万个生僻字,解决姓名、地名、方言中生僻字打不出来的问题。 我们考虑到生僻字具有强烈的地域特征与民俗特色,是中国民俗文化中重要的组成部分,但现在的中国并非以前的乡土中国,作品应该 呈现出过去与现代交融的未来感,一味的寻求乡土与现代化都是偏颇的……因为生僻字本身难读难懂,为了在预热阶段 更好的推广阿里巴巴普惠体生僻字,我们借助“生僻字图释”的形式,让人们看图识字,用先锋与现代感十足的造型来表达生僻字字的含义, 再与中国传统民俗色彩、纹样相结合来诉说逐渐被遗忘的民俗文化,从而诞生出视觉冲击力极强的“生僻字图释”,并加入了更多的金、 银来表达民俗文化在中国当前经济背景中的变化;抽象先锋的造型与动作,不仅可以帮助项目发布前制造悬念,也可以在项目发布后展现民俗的价值与魅力。 阿里巴巴普惠体生僻字预热推广活动,让大众通过“生僻字图释”轻松了解生僻字的含义;话题获得新浪微博、新华社微信号、界面文化、北京日报、it之家、新华网、新京报书评周刊、 界面新闻、出版人、经济参政报、中国科技、出版商务网媒体支持,话题阅读数达到7273万,互动数达到9572;也充分体现了阿里巴巴集团”好公司”的社会形象。

The Chinese rare words is considered to be another form of "digital divide". Over 60 million people nationwide use rare words in their names, many rare words are found in place names and ancient documents, and numerous rare words are included in local dialects ...... These are a large number of rare words, but they are slowly forgotten and gradually fail to survive in the culture because they are not included in computerized word banks and cannot be used in life scenarios. Alibaba Puhui Font is launching a rare words database in 2023, containing 80,000 rare words, to solve the problem of not being able to type rare words in names, place names and dialects.We consider that the rare words have strong regional characteristics and folklore features, and are an important part of Chinese folk culture, but the current China is not the former rustic China, and the work should present a sense of the future where the past and modernity intermingle, and that seeking to be both rustic and modern is biased ...... because the rare words themselves are difficult to read and understand, and in order to better promote Alibaba's Puhui Font rare words during the warm-up phase, we have used the form of " Diagram of rare words" to let people know the rare words by looking at the pictures, using pioneering and modern shapes to express the meanings of the rare words, and then combining them with traditional Chinese folk colours and patterns to speak of the folk culture that is gradually being forgotten, thus giving birth to the visually The abstract and pioneering shapes and movements not only help to create suspense before the launch of the project, but also show the value and charm of folklore afterwards.Alibaba's Puhui Font rare words pre-promotion campaign allows the public to easily understand the meanings of the rare words through the " Diagram of rare words"; the topic received media support from Sina Weibo, Xinhua News Agency's micro-signal, Interface Culture, Beijing Daily, it Home,, Xinjing News Book Review Weekly, Interface News, Publisher, Economic and Political Daily, China Technology, Publishing The topic was read by 72.73 million people and interacted with 9572; it also fully reflected Alibaba Group's social image as a "good company".