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E2 Social Media Account Visual System

E2社交媒体账号 视觉系统

E2是以展览、艺术家与设计师访谈、艺术设计科普为创作内容的社交媒体账号,也将各个领域的艺术与设计资源进行汇集的平台。 主要设计的内容包含网站以及各个媒体平台的视觉露出。标志将E与2进行融合,标志的外轮廓为E,下半截为2,再进行形变,用尖角体现前沿性、先锋性。 洞察与解决:甲方的产品是内容,不仅要规范每个内容板块,也要让板块与板块间拉开差异,同时要基于各个社交媒体平台的侧重点不同进行更改, 与传统视觉识别不同,不是设计一个超级符号。而是以功能性为主,帮助内容板块分区,提高效率,所以在基础规范手册中设计了 网格系统应用、色彩应用、品牌字体。并对客户进行了基础培训,才可确保客户能使用这套视觉系统,让设计变成的可复制。

E2 is a social media account with exhibition, artist and designer interviews, and art and design education as its creative content. It is also a platform that aggregates artistic and design resources from various fields. The main design content includes the visual exposure of the website and various media platforms. The logo combines E and 2, with the outline of the logo being E and the lower half being 2, which is deformed to reflect cutting-edge and avant-garde through sharp angles. To meet the needs of clients’ product content, it is necessary to standardize each content section and differentiate between different sections. At the same time, changes must be made based on the different focus of each social media platform. Unlike traditional visual identity, the system focuses on functionality to help divide content areas and increase efficiency. Therefore, a basic standard manual was designed, including the application of grid systems, color, and brand fonts, as well as providing basic training for clients to ensure they can use the visual system, making the design replicable.