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Lishui Nancheng Experimental Kindergarten

丽水南城实验幼儿园 视觉系统设计

“有氧教育”是丽水南城实验幼儿园的教育理念,不仅因为丽水市是浙江省植被覆盖率最高的城市。更是在教学上强调呼吸感与自由度。 “有氧”是很抽象的概念,它无法聚焦在一个具体的设计元素上,但我们发现氧气的化学式“O2”是个很好的切入口,而O2的分子式是O-O,由2个氧原子链接组成。 以氧气的分子式为灵感来源,我们将标志也设计成了氧气分子式,我们希望“孩子与社会、家庭、学校的关系,就如两个相连的氧原子,构建出多姿多彩的世界”。并以这样的概念进行了视觉系统的延展,设计了图形、插画、字体等。

“Aerobic Education” is the educational philosophy of Lishui Nancheng Experimental Kindergarten, not only because Lishui City has the highest vegetation coverage rate and best air quality in Zhejiang Province, but also because it emphasizes breathing sense and freedom in teaching. “Aerobic” is an abstract concept that cannot be focused on a specific design element, but the chemical formula of oxygen “O2” is a good entry point. The molecular formula of O2 is O-O, consisting of two oxygen atoms linked together. Drawing inspiration from the molecular formula of oxygen, the logo was also designed as the molecular formula of oxygen. We hope that “the relationship between children and society, family, and Kindergarten is like two connected oxygen atoms, building a colorful world.” Based on this concept, the visual system was extended in graphics, illustrations, and fonts.