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2023 FILA FUSION CNY Digital Campaign # Wish You a Fusion Year # Visual Guideline

2023FILA FUSION新年活动#祝你新年斐乐福顺#概念及主视觉

2023年基于FILA FUSION新年活动需求,提出#祝你新年福顺 Wish You a Fusion Year#,让 fusion 和福顺谐音绑定,给予消费者一句美好的祝福话。通过读音,直译“福顺=fusion”, 强化FUSION的品牌认知。同时在字型与颜色的搭配,字体设计上选用接近VOGUE的衬线体,与宋体的中文设计,两者呼应,表达“FUSION即融合”的品牌主张。配色采用了今年新春发布的衣服配色,排版利用传统对联的排版结构来呼应新年元素。

In 2023, based on the demand for the FILA FUSION New Year event, the slogan #祝你新年福顺Wish You a Fusion Year# was proposed to bind the homophones of “fusion” and “福顺” together, giving consumers a beautiful blessing. By emphasizing the pronunciation, the slogan translates to “福顺 = fusion,” enhancing FUSION’s brand recognition. The font and color combination, as well as the font design, utilize a serif font similar to VOGUE paired with a traditional Chinese font, echoing the brand proposition of “FUSION is integration.” The color scheme uses the colors from this year’s Chinese New Year clothing release, and the layout is based on the traditional couplet structure to connect with the New Year elements.