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PANDORA/Peach Blossom

2019年 四月桃花——为此pandora推出了几款不同的新品 为给新品造势,更好的针对各个平台进行全方位传播, 打造——我要我的桃花运,3条短片。 通过性格迥异的3个女生,来塑造任何样的女孩都值得拥有桃花运

2019 April peach blossoms Pandora launched brand new products in April. With this campaign, our strategy is to disseminate all kinds of platforms. Three short films about It is worthwhile to have luck in love through the three girls who are very different in character.

Pandora_Peach Blossom 天台篇 30s

Pandora_Peach Blossom 篮球篇 30s

Pandora_Peach Blossom 聚餐篇 30s