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植物医生想邀请姚安娜作为品牌代言人,植物医生一直致力于植物多样性保护工作, 并一直与联合国教科组织合作,希望借助这次代言项目, 让更多人知道品牌致力于生物多样性保护工作,并邀请代言人姚安娜成为生物多样性保护大使。

Phytosan wants to invite Anna Yao as the brand spokesperson. Phytosan has been committed to plant diversity protection and has been cooperating with UNESCO, hoping to use this endorsement project to let more people know that the brand is committed to biodiversity protection. And invited the spokesperson Yao Anna to become the biodiversity conservation ambassador. 2021 Client:植物医生 Group Creative Director:Yidong cai Senior Creative Director:Chi zhang Designer:Yidong cai Group Head:Rou Zhang 老周