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NIKE/Back to school

2018年/全年Nike social retainer pitch BTS-Back to school是brief当中明确提到的一个篇章, 指9月份开学季——返校活动,主推的几款产品。 pitch的过程我们分别做了2版,这个为非普通版, 对此打造了一个校园世界,也成为整个pitch最为亮点的一章, 并顺利拿下了pitch,也是接受nike wechat发的第一篇文。 Nike Annual social retainer project / 2018~2019 Objective Complete through original WeChat content, To become more Nike Deliver Nike's brand spirit to The millennials Solution Using Nike BTS to create a school campus, Use a more vibrant visual way to communicate with millennials proof that vision is an essential part of creativity And successfully won pitch, which was also the first article sent by Nike wechat. became Nike 2018~2019 Annual social retainer